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Dear Friends!

I am proud to present to you the Feldman Family Museum – a collection of Oriental and Western art and weaponry. Experts from all over the world have contributed to creation of the museum, whose collection coversEast and West, decorative and applied arts, and various historic periods. As a collector, my goal is preserving and enhancing the historical and cultural heritage of Ukraine, making private collections open to general public and providing assistance to national museums and institutions in promoting culture and art.

Private collections across the globe are open to specialists and general public and serve cultural, scientific and educational purposes, becoming the foundation for many world-renowned museums.

It is my intention to establish a private museum dedicated to Oriental and Western art, whichwill become an integral part of the non-government share of Ukraine’s general museum fund. Open to everyone interested in studying private collections, a new modern artistic and research center with exhibition halls, research laboratories and schools is going to be built. The first step towardsachieving this goal has been taken today with the creation ofthis information portal, that provides detailed descriptions of exhibits which are both aesthetically and culturally priceless. I trust that the Feldman Family Museum will be a source of knowledge for all, pique a new interest in some, and maybe even kindle a lifetime passion for art in others.

Sincerely Yours,

Alexander Feldman