ALEXANDER FELDMAN – Ukrainian politician, public figure, philanthropist and collector. Alexander Feldman is also deputy to the Verhovna Rada of Ukraine (Supreme Council), author of parliamentary motions aimed at defending human rights and promoting socio-economic development of Ukraine, president of the International charitable fund «Alexander Feldman’s Fund», founder ofAVEC & Co.

Mr. Feldman founded his commercial real estate management enterprise after collapse of the Soviet Union, and during the next 20 years his company grew to run one of the biggest commercial centers in Eastern Europe.

International charitable fund «Alexander Feldman’s Fund» has been supporting children’s rights, educational, cultural and scientific programs for more than 10 years. Alexander Feldman is the founder of the Institute of Human Rights and Prevention of Extremism and Xenophobia (IHRPEX) in Brussels dedicated to facilitating the establishment of the fundamental human rights in Ukraine according to European standards. The institute works on research and projects directed at preventing violation of human rights, ethnic rights and rights of religious and other minorities as well as fighting proliferation of extremism and xenophobia in Ukraine and Central-East Europe. Alexander Feldman is a co-founder of the “Ukraine-EU” Forum based in Brussels. The Forum’s goal is strengthening the relations between the people of Europe and Ukraine. The discussions of the Forumcover topics such as cultural heritage, human rights, transportation, energy policies and the freedom of movement for workers and students.

As a prominent public figure, Alexander Feldman serves as president of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, president of the Association of National and Cultural Unions of Ukraine (ANCUU), a member of Assembly Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), vice-president of the International Council for Jewish Parliamentarians, a member of the Coexistence Trust – an entity dedicated to promotion of mutual understanding among different confessions all over the world. Alexander Feldman is also an active supporter of the International Council of Christian and Jews and the World Conference on Religion and Peace. In 2010he became a member of the “Stability and Reforms” coalition, and in 2011, a member of Party of Regions in Ukrainian Verhovna Rada. Mr. Feldman is a recipient of a number of Ukrainian and international awards, including the “Order of Merit” of the I and III class, medal of the French Republic “For Dedication to the Human Rights Defence” and order of the Golden Cross “For Merit to the Establishment of the Dialogue Among World Religions”.

Alexander Feldman has been an art collector since the beginning of 1990s, focusing mainly on items of Western and Eastern visual, decorative and applied arts, Judaica, and ancient weaponry. He views it as one of his main goals the creation of a museum of private collections the “Feldman Family Museum” –a modern multifunctional artistic and research centre with exhibition halls, research laboratories and schools.

As a collector and benefactor he is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the historical and cultural heritage of Ukraine, making private collections open to general public and providing assistance to national museums and institutions in promoting culture and art.