The Feldman Family Museum holds artefacts of cultural and historical significance from the East and the West which Mr. Feldman has collected over the period of two decades. The museum includes three collections divided into 14 sections based on a number of criteria. The collections boast over 2.6 thousand items of fine, decorative, applied and weaponry arts spanning over 5 centuries.

All museum’s collections are continuously growing and studied, and new subcategories are opened. In turn, the virtual museum will be updated to reflect the direction of the expanding collection. Each section within a particular collection has its own index number. In addition, every artefact is assigned a unique inventory number, by which it can be found in the digital record system developed for the Feldman Family Museum. The

Western Art collection includes more than 520 items of fine art, graphics, sculpture and various styles of decorative and applied arts of European origin. Chronologically, the collection covers XIX to XX cc. Currently, three sections of the Western Art collection are presented in the virtual museum of the Feldman Family Museum: “Paintings” (section 10), “Graphics” (section 11) and “Sculpture” (section 12), numbering more than 200 items in total. The Oriental collection holds more than 620 items of decorative and applied arts of Western, Southern, South-Eastern and Eastern Asia. Chronologically, this collection covers XIV to XX cc. The virtual museum features four sections of this collection: “Eastern Jewellery” (Section 20), “Japanese Miniatures” (section 21), “Decorative and Applied Art of Japan” (section 22) and “Decorative and Applied Art of Indonesia» (section 23), which number nearly 500 items. The collection of weaponry numbers almost 860pieces of ancient cold steel arms and armor of various peoples of East and West. Cold steel arms of Russia (section 32) and the Caucasus (section 33) are presented in separate sections.

Chronologically, the collection covers XIX to XX cc. The virtual museum currently features two of the most-studied thus far sections – ‘Cold Steel Arms of the East» (Section 30) and “European Cold Steel Arms” (Section 31), with over 630 items in total. Many of the works presented on the Feldman Family Museum website are of great historical, academic, artistic and cultural value. Such rare items are put on display in a special virtual “room” where viewers can easily familiarize themselves with gems of the Alexander Feldman’s collection. The Feldman Family Museum aims to be open to and easily accessible by the public. Mr. Feldman is one of the first collectors who pursue the path of integrating private collections into Ukraine’s academic and socio-cultural spheres, making his collection part of Ukrainian national heritage. This project will result in the creation of a multifunctional artistic and research centre, which will include museum, research facilities and classrooms. The Feldman Family Museum promotes cooperation among experts and academicians from Ukraine and other countries. A number of renowned state and international specialists study the collection, participate in publishing albums and catalogues, and assist in arranging exhibitions. These exhibitions, catalogues, publications, and now the virtual museum can be credit with making it possible for thousands of art enthusiasts to become acquainted with the works from Alexander Feldman’s collections.