The Feldman Family Museum of Eastern Arts numbers over 620 items of decorative and applied arts of different countries of the East. Chronologically, the collection ranges from the 14thtothe 20th c.c. The virtual museum features 4 sections, i.e. Jewellery Art of the East (Section 20), Japanese Miniature Plastic Arts (section 21), Decorative and Applied Arts of Japan (section 22) and Decorative and Applied Arts of Indonesia (section 23), which number almost 500 in total.

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The Feldman Family Museum Jewellery Art Collection numbers over 60 exhibits originating from India, Nepal, Turkey, Tibet, Thailand and Indonesia. The earliest manufactured item in the collection dates from the 14th 15thc.c., whereas the latest ones date from the early 20th century. Prevailing in the collection are samples of traditional Indian jewellery, including the renowned Hindu-Muslim, or Mughal, style.
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section 23
Decorative and applied arts of Indonesia at the Feldman Family Museum is mostly represented by kris grips, numbering nearly 30 exhibits, with earliest sample dating to the 17th century, and the latest to the early 20th century. Gathered at one display, the kris grips exemplify the ingenuity of the Indonesian art with its intrinsic conservatism and loyalty to the time-honoured traditions. more