The Western Art collection includes more than 520 items of fine art, graphics, sculpture and various styles of decorative and applied arts of European origin. Currently, three sections of the Western Art collection are presented in the virtual museum of the Feldman Family Museum: “Paintings” (section 10), “Graphics” (section 11) and “Sculpture” (section 12), numbering more than 200 items in total.
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section 10
The Feldman Family Museum collection of paintings features more than 100 works by generations of artists representing various trends and styles of the late 19th -20thcc. Alongside with the masters of Ecole de Paris (including Soutine and Kisling), presented are works by artists of their precursors, Russian-Jewish avant-garde and Israeli artists. Many works feature a Jewish theme.
Paintings by Ecole de Paris artists. more
section 11
At present, the Feldman Family Museum collection of graphics numbers more than 50 graphical works in different visual art genres and styles of the late 19th – 20thcc. Along with the unique (original drawings) graphics, the collection features printed graphics, including autolithographies by such acclaimed masters as Chagall and Picasso.
Graphic Works of Ecole de Paris Masters. more
section 12
The Feldman Family Museum sculpture collection currently includes over 50 pieces of various genres and schools of the late 19th – 20th c.c. Along with bronze sculptures, it also includes bas-reliefs of metal and wood. Among others, the famous surrealist Salvador Dali and a number of prominent avant-garde sculptors of the 20thcentury are represented.
Sculpture works of the Ecole de Paris artists. more