Oleksandr Feldman

Oleksandr Feldman (born 1960, Kharkiv, Ukraine) is a Ukrainian politician, public figure, philanthropist and collector. Doctor of philosophy. People's Deputy of Ukraine of the 4th – 8th convocations. Founder and Honorable President of the JSC "Concern AVEC and Co", one of Ukraine’s largest business corporation. Widely known in Ukraine and abroad due to the multifaceted social and philanthropic activity for which he was rewarded a number of national and international awards.

Mr. Feldman is the President of the Jewish Foundation of Ukraine (since 1997), the President of the Association of National and Cultural Unions of Ukraine (since 1999), the President of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee (since 2008), as well as the Vice President of the International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians of CIS and Eurasia (since 2005), member of the Council of Leaders of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and member of the British Royal Institute of International Affairs (since 2007). Besides, he is the founder of the Institute of Human Rights and Prevention of Extremism and Xenophobia (IHRPEX) in Brussels, the co-founder of the EU – Ukraine Forum in Brussels, and the initiator and founder of the Kyiv International Interfaith Forum. Mr. Feldman represents Ukraine in the World Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Combating Anti-Semitism, he is one of the founders and representatives of Ukraine in the Coexistence trust.

Mr. Feldman is the initiator and inspirer of numerous projects and programs in social protection, health care, education, culture, sports and tourism, nature conservation, protection of childhood and human rights, support of the arts and sciences, preservation of the historical and cultural heritage, the spiritual development of the society, and promoting of tolerance principles. He is the founder of the International Charitable Fund "Oleksandr Feldman Foundation", which has been repeatedly recognized as one of the largest charitable organizations in Ukraine. The flagship project of the Oleksandr Feldman Fund since 2011 is the Regional Landscape Park "Feldman Ecopark", which has united all the main lines of the Fund's activity. This multi-complex operates in the Kharkiv region and is the absolute record holder among similar Ukrainian parks both in the number of visitors and in the number of social projects.

Mr. Feldman has been art collecting since the early 1990s. He has a wide range of interests but focuses mainly on decorative and applied arts and ancient weapons of the West and East. Currently, all collections are united under the auspices of the Feldman Family Museum established in 2008. As a collector and philanthropist, Mr. Feldman sees his mission in preserving and enhancing the national cultural heritage of Ukraine, in helping museums and research institutions, in promoting openness and accessibility of private collections to society.