"Steel and Gold"

Steel and Gold Album Catalog Released

Museum Day for the Feldman Family Museum is associated with a pleasant event - the publication of the Steel and Gold album catalog, which presents rare and unique examples of ancient oriental weapons from the personal collection of Alexander Feldman. Such a "weapons" edition first appeared in Ukraine. According to some experts, it is in no way inferior to the best books published in recent years around the world.

This fundamental, richly illustrated and rich the texts of the album catalog include more than 280 selected samples of edged weapons - only part of an extensive and diverse collection, which was created by Alexander Feldman for two and a half decades. The geographic range of these objects covers almost the whole of West, Central, South and Southeast Asia, partly North-West and North-East Africa, and time frames extend from the 16th to the middle of the 20th century. The publication is designed not only for domestic and foreign experts, but also for a wide range of readers interested in oriental culture and art. Despite the impressive volume, the abundance of factual information and technical details, the text is easy to read and understand, especially since many of the items presented have their own fascinating, sometimes dramatic “biography”.
Particularly interesting and valuable are those associated with well-known historical figures, including the Turkish Sultan, Indian Maharajas and Indonesian kings.